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60 % N-Hexane
Chinese name60% 正己烷
Purity hexane
Chemical formula60%
Product performance110-54-3

N-Hexane is commonly utilized as solvent in hydrocarbon polymerization; for chemical extraction in edible oil production; as essential oil thinner; detergent for precise instruments (Freon substitution). Also can be used to produce binder, paint, coating and off-set oil.


What is the procedure of edible oil extraction?

1. Crush the oilseed down to flakings

2. Wash the flakings with hexane solvent

3. The oil is separated from oilseed flakings

4. Volatilizing the hexane out of oil by increasing temperature

5. Crude oil refining


Will the purity of hexane influent the quality of oil?

   The purity of hexane highly influents the quality of edible oil, mainly on      the contents of sulfur and benzene. The distillation range shows the quality of    hexane too. For example, when the Dry Point of hexane solvent less than 80    Celsius degree, it means no benzene.

   The dry point of 99% grade n-hexane is 69 Celsius degree, but normally, 60%      hexane is good enough for oil extraction. It is 70 Celsius degree max.

Typical Specifications:



May cause drowsiness and dizziness with large amount of inhalation . Cause skin irritation. Highly flammable and explosive.

Ventilator should be in work place to get well-ventilated. Keep cool. Store locked up with iron, copper, or aluminum container. No flame.