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Chinese name异戊烷
NicknamePentane oil
Purity95% 99%
Chemical FormulaC5H12

As effective catalyst carrier and internal coolant in gasphase polymerisation processes of ethylene plant, like SABIC ethylene or Sinopec ethylene plant.

Geothermal power stations have been using iso-pentane in binary cycle systems wherein warm geothermal water is brought to the surface and passed through a heat exchanger containing iso-pentane. Because of its much lower boiling point compared to water,  the iso-pentane heats up the binary fluid causing the turbines to spin. The advantage is that the pentane can be re- used once it condenses and pumped back into the system.

 As solvent to improve the octane value of gasoline Iso-pentane is widely used as blowing agent for PU, EPS  processing.Iso-pentane is used as aerosol propellant .As chemical raw material for iso-amylene, isoprene etc.

Typical Specifications:


Transport information:

Packed in 24 cubic meters iso tank.

DOT Classification: Pentane, Flammable Liquid  UN1265

High Flammable. Store in original containers in approved flame-proof area. Keep containers securely sealed. Store away from incompatible materials in a cool, dry well ventilated area. Protect containers against physical damage and check regularly for leaks. Read MSDS carefully before handling.