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6# Solvent Oil
SynonymEdible Oil Extraction Solvent
Forigen nameSolvent-extracted oil No.6
NicknameNo. 6 solvent
Product performance 6 solvent oil

Solvent Oil 6#: Transparent appearance,colorless and tasteless.Content of benzene, arene and Br-index are above national premium grade.Can be Used as extraction solvent in vegetable oil industry.Because it contents no water -soluble acid/alkali,non-toxic,noncorrosive,volatile and no residue,having strong dissolving capacity,it`s been widely used in Pharmaceutical ,chemical,etc.

Typical Specifications:



High flammable and explosive .Avoid sparks and flames.Ventilator should be in work place to get well-ventilated.Take precautionary measures against static discharge.Keep cool,avoid stocking with other flammable and explosive product.

Notes:Typical Specifications are to be considered as representatives of current production and should be treated as specifications.