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  • ICA for PE Production
    Pentane or hexane act as induced condensing agent in the gas phase polymerization of ethylene. It has a significant impact on the crystallinity and the molecular weight distribution of the resulting polyethylene. 95% or 99% purity grade is regular used. Our principals are CNPC, Sinopec, SABIC, Exxon mobil, Formasa Plastic, to produce LLDPE, HDPE, etc
  • Refrigerant
    Because of its environmental friendly nature, Iso-butane also known as R600-a or pentane more and more be used as substitute for Freon refrigerant. Whirlpool, in home appliance industry, using cyclopentane as refrigerant in its refrigerators.
  • Rubber
    Hexane and 120# solvent oil can be used as solvent in rubber industry and Tyre.
  • Raw Material
    Petroleum Benzene. N-butane for organic compound Petroleum Methylbenzene as chemical material
  • Extraction of Vegetable Oil
    Hexane and 6# solvent oil is used widely in the extraction of vegetable oil from seeds such as soybeans, corn, safflower, sunflower, cotton, and flax. In addition, hexane solvent can be used to extract fish protein, shea butter, and a variety of flavor extracts. The process has been use for approximately 70 years. It is safe and economic. 60%, 80%, 99% purity grade is popular grade.
  • Floral industry Extraction Solvent
  • Diluent
    Hexane purity reach at least 60% for Essential oil thinner(精油)
  • PU(Polyurethane)
    Usually 95% cyclopentane or 70%cyclopentane with 30% iso-pentane is used as blowing agent for PU production
  • EPS(Expandable Polystyrene)
    Pentane has been accepted as the blowing agent used in the production of Expandable Polystyrene Foam. 95% N-pentane or mixed with certain ratio with iso pentane is popular ways to achieve best effect
  • Medicine Extraction
    benzene ,Pentane ,hexane, 120# solvent oil and 6# solvent oil normally with high purity act as extraction solvent for medicine
  • Deasphalting Solvent
    Purity exceeding 95%(wt) Iso-pentane
  • Propellant
    Be appropriate for Iso-butane in industrial grade
  • Detergent
    Hexane ,by used for cleaning agents in electronic component industries for precise instrument
  • Adhesive
    Hexane is served as solvent and thinner in painting and adhesive industry and shoe-making 120# solvent oil also used in adhesive industry
  • Solvent
    Hexane and 200# solvent-oil are served as solvent and thinner in painting and adhesive industry, and high purity as 95% 98% can be used as non-roxic spray and correction ; Petroleum Benzene also can be used for painting ,pesticide solvent Petroleum Methylbenzene solvent in compound ,nitration techniques.
  • Geothermy
    Pentane act as working fluid in geothermal power plant. It is low boiling point fluid that make use of low temperature heat energy for phase change. It is a excellent substitute for chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) fluid.
  • Desorption Agent
    Purity exceeding 95%(wt) n-pentane for Molecular sieve Sewaxing Technique.
  • Diluent for Coating
    200# solvent oil,High purity hexane
  • Fuel
    Propane, N-butane