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Chinese name正戊烷
Purity95% 99%
NicknamePentane Oil
Chemical formula C5H12
CAS Number109-66-0

 Pentane is used mainly as a primary blowing agent in the manufacturing of polystyrene foam like EPS, PIR etc. It is used because of its lower cost compared to other chemicals, low boiling point and relative safety when in use.

Geothermal power stations have been using pentane in binary cycle systems wherein warm geothermal water is brought to the surface and passed through a heat exchanger containing pentane. Because of its much lower boiling point compared to water, the pentane heats up the binary fluid causing the turbines to spin. The advantage is that the pentane can be re-used once it condenses and pumped back into the system.

 Normal pentane is also used as a solvent and in varied industrial applications such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paints & coatings.

       Pentane is also used in the laboratory as solvents.

Typical Specifications:


Transport information:

n-Pentane can be packed in 24 cubic meters iso tank or 200-Liter drums

DOT Classification: Pentane, Flammable Liquid  UN1265

High Flammable. Store in original containers in approved flame-proof area. Keep containers securely sealed. Store away from incompatible materials in a cool, dry well ventilated area. Protect containers against physical damage and check regularly for leaks. Read SDS carefully before handling.