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English name: Sodium methoxide, Sodium methylate, Sodium methoxide methanol solution



1, Used as alkaline condensation agent and catalyst in organic synthesis:

Used in the compound of spice, dyestuff etc.

Be the raw material of vitamin B1,A and sulfadiazine;

As the condensing agent in organic synthesis; 

As the catalyst of edible oils and fats processing;

Be the important raw material of medicines compound for sulfadiazine,SMZ, sulfanilamide synergist etc.


2, As raw material, main used in Pharmaceuticals and pesticide,also in dyestuff industry and chemical fiber industry, as catalyst of fatty ester exchange.


In medicine application, sodium methoxide is an important raw material for the synthesis of various sulfonamide and sulfonamides synergists. Sulfonamide is a synthetic antibacterial drug that has been used in clinical practice for nearly 50 years, the utility model has the advantages of broad antibacterial spectrum, stable property, simple and convenient use and no grain consumption in production.

Typical Specifications:


Transport information:


Class 3


950kg/IBC drum, 20IBC drum/20FCL (19mt)



Caution! This product is a corrosive liquid which can explode. At ordinary temperatures, this product in methanol vapor, when mixed with air is explosive within certain limits. At high temperatures, which occur in open flames, this product decomposes to produce hazardous products of combustion.